Teva Biotech Ulm / GER

TEVA Biotech Ulm

TEVA-Biotech GmbH is currently constructing and operating a further plant for the biotechnological production of pharmaceutical active ingredients at Dornierstrasse 10 in Ulm.

The new production building „New Biotech U41“, designed by amec forster wheeler in Milan, will be built on a surface area of approx. 4800 m2 and will house 300 new attractive workplaces. We are supplying the complete building envelope made of aluminium elements including special glazing with dimmable triple insulating glass units.

The building will be equipped with an intelligent, dimmable solar control glass and can therefore do without an external solar control system. Completion of the building is scheduled for the end of 2019.

  Client: TEVA Biotech Ulm

 Location: Ulm

  Year Completed: 2023

  Architects: amec forster wheeler, Mailand

  Services Provided: Aluminium Curtain Walling, Triple Glazing, Active Glazing (dimmable), Aluminium Post Mullion System, Steel and Glass Post Mullions System, Roofing Works