Museum of Bavarian History – Regensburg / GER

new building for the museum of bavarian history in Regensburg

The „Museum of Bavarian History,“ completed in 2019, occupies an exhibition space of 3,500 square meters, showcasing the development of the Free State over the past two hundred years. The architectural firm Wörner Traxler Richter from Frankfurt am Main secured the 1st place in the competition in 2013.

The planners‘ concept aims to create a connection between the city and the river with the building, inviting visitors to stroll through. The actual exhibition is housed within three solid structures, adorned with a facade of light ceramic relief panels. These buildings are connected by a transparent steel-glass facade and a roof glazing that gives the impression of being folded in on itself. This design resulted in a building-height, light-filled atrium that now encapsulates the historic square within.

  Client: Freistaat Bayern

 Location: Regensburg

  Year Completed: 2019

  Architects: wörner traxler richter, Frankfurt

  Services Provided: Steel and aluminium facade, aluminium windows, steel-glass roof, ceramic exterior wall cladding, panoramic glazing, metal mesh external wall cladding